The situation of gypsy's in Romania is, without doubt, a very topical issue. Improving the situation of gypsy's is not a simple challenge. Given that the share of ethnic minorities, its problems are equally the most problems. The numerical size (535,000 people, according to 2002 census data, or about 1.5 million people, according to estimates made in research on nationally representative samples), the gypsy's community is one of the most important minority in Romania. In Bihor county are 32,232 gypsy people from which they actually 2448 live in Oradea, as follows:

Ø816 women;
Ø800 men;
Ø832 children (576 school age and 256 preschool age);
Ø756 welfare recipients;
Ø198 beneficiaries of social canteen;
Ø893 unemployed;
Ø312 age children not attending school forms of education.

      The above statistics show the serious situation in which the gypsy community is located in Oradea shows the urgent need to develop programs to support the optimal development of gypsy's in their own resources to help them, and can provide access to a decent life, and awareness of ones own cultural identity for their involvement in community social life.