Brief History

Foundation Cioreroma(poor gypsy) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization founded in 1997 from the desire to make a change in the gipsy's community living in the county of Bihor.
Foundation Ciora Rome has 14 years of experience in integrating gipsy's in humanitarian aid activities, evidenced in socio-educational activities and cultural integration of gipsy's in Romanian civil society.


     In the period 1997-2000 have been established relationships with a total of four mayors in Bihor County: Rontau, Cefa, Gepiu, Sanmartin to provide aid in cash for the gypsy population.
     In 2003 Foundation Ciora Rome initiated a project entitled "Initiatives for the future", funded by the City Council of Oradea, the school of gypsy children in school, "Ioan Slavici" are supported by helping with their homework and follow a normal educational path. The project was organized in a youth training, multi-cultural profile, involving a total of 22 children of gypsy's, Romanian and Hungarian.
     In the period 2004-2006 continued to work with young people who participated in the "Initiative for the future" by supporting the capacity exam preparation or improvement of the school.
     In 2004 it developed the project "1 June for Roma children, funded by the City Council of Oradea, developed and implemented in collaboration with Arcadia Theatre for Children and Youth, and which consisted of staging by a group of children and young gypsy with a theme specific for  gypsy.
     In 2006 the Foundation has offered a weekly hot meal for 20 Roma children in Oradea, which are always supported by the foundation with clothing, shoes and school supplies.
     In 2007, the project took place "Rome sukara Folk Ensemble" which was aimed at promoting cultural values and raise awareness of gypsy's cultural identity in order to involve them in cultural and social life of the local community and materialized through the establishment of a folk-specific to the gypsy.
     In 2008 the foundation Ciora Rome was a key partner in two major projects undertaken in Oradea. The first project, "Help me to be me", in partnership with the Community Social Oradea, aimed at improving the situation of gypsy in order to promote social inclusion of gypsy wich don't have access to public services or labor market to assist the ethnic gypsy in obtaining identity cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates and property deeds on the property.
The second project, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Romania and Oradea Community Social Administration aimed to build a total of 10 duplexes (20 apartments) in Oradea, Voltaire street, duplexes equipped, adequately equipped and made available to the 20 Romani families homeless. Role in the selection of beneficiaries was the foundation and coordinating volunteer labor needed to build duplexes.

The main activities of the organization:

    ØCharities activities to support people when they need, those with disabilities and especially for the elderly without family support or material especially of the gipsy's;
    ØCultural activities, arts, language and literature specific to the gipsy people, promoting traditions, education of persons belonging to this community, including by providing subsidies to schools and other forms of training, assemblies, cultural, culture houses, belonging to the gipsy or with interests in these areas;
    ØCollaboration activities with other organizations in the country or abroad that deal with similar activities and in particular gipsy specific issues.