Initiatives for the Future (2003)

Project goal: increasing values of gypsy youth associations participating from Oradea.

Oradea · Informing young gypsy's aged 14-15 years on the characteristics and benefits of participating associations
· Selection of the target group of a no. 16 beneficiaries to form a group initiative.
· Carrying out a program to increase the social chapter of the beneficiaries of such training stage, with a duration of six days;
· Organising a youth camp in the town Sebisel, Bihor county, which aims to promote cultural values and gypsy traditions

Target group:
· Young gypsy's who attend the secondary school in Oradea, restricted to the class VIII. In this case the target age group is 14-15 years.

· Capacity increased participation of young gypsy's associative Oradea
· Assimilation own cultural identity

Cost: 2.500 $

Cultural Project
"June 1 and for gypsy children" (2004)

The project aims to promote their cultural values and social integration of gypsy children and youth in Oradea

· Select a total of 15 gypsy children and young people with artistic skills to their participation in organizing a cultural event
· Organising a cultural event for children and young Roma on June 1, namely the staging of a play specific gypsy culture

Target group:
· 15 gypsy children and young people with artistic skills

· Awareness of their own cultural identity in children and young people from the gypsy community Oradea
· Organising a show by staging a theater-specific gypsy culture, whose characters were a total of 15 children and young gypsy's

Cost: 1.000 $

Folk Ensemble "Sukar Roma"

Project Purpose: To promote cultural values and raise awareness of gypsy cultural identity in order to involve them in cultural and social life of the local community.

· Establishment of a representative folk of gypsy culture, comprised of young gypsy in Oradea
· User involvement in social life of the local community by developing activities to promote their cultural identities.

Group (s) Target
• A total of 13 young gypsy with an artistic bent (four pairs of dancers - eight people - four women and four men, five musicians - a vocalist, a singer + guitar, a violinist, an organist, an accordionist)
· Gypsy community of Oradea

· Establishment of a representative folk Roma culture
· Creation of costumes for all members
· Equipped with all instruments and specific equipment

Costs: 8.000 $

Help me to be me! (2008)

Purpose: To improve the situation of Roma in order to promote social inclusion of Roma wich have no access to public services or labor market

Goal 1:
· Reduction in the number of gypsy's without identity papers, acts of civil status and household property
· Identifying and facilitating the issuance of identity cards for a total of 200 gypsy in the seven targeted communities ..
· Identifying and facilitating the issuance of birth certificates for a total of 30 gypsy from the seven communities involved.
· Identifying and facilitating the issuance of marriage licenses for a total of 70 ethnic gypsy from the seven communities involved.
· Identifying and Facilitating issue property deeds on the property for a total of 50 families
Goal 2:
· Facilitate access to public services and employment for people of gypsy
· I am excluded from these social benefits.
· Establishment of a counseling office and inform the population of Roma, the Roma community in Oradea, Pier Street, no. 6
· Information and counseling to increase the awareness of the importance of identity and marital status for July 1000 of the Roma ethnic community concerned.
Goal 3:
· Formation of partnerships and teamwork between the public and on a voluntary basis.
· Create a network of services, partnership between local authorities and Roma organizations
Developing voluntary activities in Roma communities in the seven communities through involvement in counseling and information campaign volunteers at the Centre for Community Volunteering Single Oradea

Group (s) Target
Direct · The beneficiary is the 300 Roma who do not possess identity documents and certificates of marital status, 1000 Roma to be enrolled in the campaign of information and advice.
· The beneficiary families are indirect Roma without identity papers and marriage certificates, Roma community in the seven targeted communities, namely: Oradea Osorhei Commune: Osorhei, Fughiu, Alpar, Cheriu; Sânmartin: Rontau, Haieu, all of the local community 7 communities, public administration, healthcare, education, local police inspectorate, representatives of Roma organizations locally.

187 books submitted ·
· 66 birth certificates
· 32 marriage certificates
° 51 on the property ownership certificates
· Counseled 1500 people in the office of information and advice Roma people

Community Social Administration · Oradea - PHARE Project 2005 "Help me to be me!"
Habitat for Humanity · Beius - construction, equipment and putting into service of 10 duplexes for Roma people
· Bihor County School Inspectorate - PHARE Project 2005 "School for All"
Get in direct population records Bihar - the identity of the Roma who do not possess identity documents
· County Agency for Employment (CAE) - identification of Roma people without jobs
· Franciscan Sisters - Donations of clothing and footwear